Sample Songs

What kind of music? Depends. I like it when the song lets me know what it wants to sound like.

Point of No Return

The Brilliantfish mix.

Cut Your Losses

Remix powered by Brilliantfish, sweetened by Sweet T.


A song about Tom Jolls, the Accuweatherman on “The Weather Outside,” a feature throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s on Buffalo, New York’s TV station WKBW Channel 7.


A song about the changing nature of politics and international relations.

Cut Your Losses

A song about gambling? Or a metaphor for life?

(Earlier mix produced by The Bover)

The Fool’s Parade

An original tune influenced by XTC, about rites of pride and folly.

Girl On Bicycle

…then she comes rolling along on her bicycle and singing happy songs…

Heaven is Hiding

Quasi-psychedelic take on unexpected beauty glimpsed alongside expected ugly.

Inappropriate Love

No matter who you love, someone is bound to find it inappropriate!

Motel Kalifornya

Weird song about weird California. Two days after this mix, more weird news of another mass shooting in California. Weird.

My Only Companion

It’s 3:10 in the dead of the night, feels like the end of the world…


All the shiny people gathering together / celebrating life in all its glory / raising up their glasses, covering their asses / never gonna say I’m sorry

Terms & Conditions

A song about “clickwrap,” how no one actually reads the Terms & Conditions we routinely accept.


Who’s to Say

Thought my songwriting outgrew Aerosmith influences. Evidently not.